Rooms Available

Rotary Hall
Rotary Hall with its amazing ocean view and large outdoor balcony is perfect for weddings, corporate functions, concerts, celebrations of life, holiday events and more.   The maximum capacity of Rotary Hall is 146 people seated at tables or 180 theatre style.  We also have a fully equipped kitchen to accommodate your catering requirements available for rent.  Please enquire regarding capacity restrictions if alcohol will be served.
Thulin Room
The Thulin Room is our smaller meeting room with stunning ocean view,  ideal for corporate functions, conferences, workshops or small gatherings.  The maximum capacity of the Thulin Room is 60 people seated at tables,  or 80 theatre style.  Alcohol is not permitted in the Thulin Room.
The Boardroom can seat up to 14 people around the large oak tables.  Catering in the boardroom is limited to coffee and snacks.  Alcohol is not permitted in the boardroom.
Andersen Room
The Andersen Room is roughly half the size of the Thulin Room. It can fit a U-shape set up for 15 people, or rounds for 25 people. There is access to the deck and a creek and ocean view.